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Would love constructive feedback on my time lapse project!


Hi all,

Here is a link to my latest time lapse project "Canyons and Dust", shot on Sony A7RIII, A7RIV, A7III, FX3's in the American Southwest. I would love any feedback you might have so I can keep improving my skills.

Many thanks!



Rising Star

Hello there Richard, how are you doing?
I liked it. Some parts, I liked them a lot. It is a very difficult task to grab people's attention with just timelapses, and what you did was really something man. Congrats.
I didn't like one transition, at 01:30, but that's just me, don't take it as a bad criticism or something. Is just that I'm really particular with transitions and music.
I loved the compression in some of the shots, I imagine you used some telephoto lenses in some sections, but I was wondering about how wide some of the takes were, so, let me know about the lenses as well.
I do timelapses also, but I'm just starting out, every single one that I did, it was just the camera and tripod, without sliders or accesories. When I do some movement, I do it in post, but I think you used some sliders, right?
Anyway, hope this is useful in some way. I liked it, and I liked the sensation of loneliness, something that I always try to convey.
Again, congrats.

Hey Ridley! Thanks a bunch for your comments, much appreciated! The transition at 1:30 is abrupt, but I thought it was appropriate as it's going from night to day in one frame. It could've been timed better with the music, in retrospect I think the music is off by a second or so, I'll play with it some more. 

No telephoto lenses used, what your seeing is probably the depth of field you get from using a large aperture lens of which I used two different ones: the Sony FE 24mm 1.4 GM and the 35mm 1.4 GM lens. Both are fantastic lenses I absolutely love using for landscapes, especially for night shots. I also used a Sony 12-24, Sony 24-105 (wide only) and Rokinon 12mm cine lens.

Movement was all done with (2) Edelkrone motorized SilderPlus and HeadPlus equipment and (1) SliderOne. 

Thanks again for the comments!

I really thought it was a telephoto shot somewhere... about the music, it was just a thing of mine, I'm very, very critical with my videos when it comes to music and timing, but when I see it in other videos, most of the time, it works very well nonetheless, but I feel that it can be a bit improved. That's why I mentioned it.
Now that you said the lenses you used, let me just ask you. What's it about the 35 GM? I mean, I'm using a Sigma ART 35 1.4, very similar to the GM, but so far, everything I've seen from the GM is better, the AF (particularly in video), the sharpness... is just almost magical.
And one last thing, I just shared my last video, a very personal one, with timelapses as well. Would you like to see it?
Amanzing content man.

I am not a ambassador of Sony unlike a few others here so there's no conflict and my opinion isn't based on a relationship with Sony... Having said that I believe wholeheartedly in Sony"s G Lenses. I had purchased a few weeks ago a Sigma 24-70 Art lens because it has fantastic reviews and a decent price. I used it in Iceland for a week and I ended up sending it back when I returned home. Sharpness was ok, however the vignetting in the corners was just not acceptable to me, even after correcting it in post. You get what you pay for and investing in good glass is more important imo than the camera.