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Xperia Pro-I not recognizing audio from XLR-K3M on a7IV

I'm having a tough time figuring out how to get the Xperia Pro-I to recognize the audio that the XLR-K3M is capturing through the a7IV. The Xperia is connected to a7 via USB-C (t3) so it's not a cable issue. No matter what I try, the "External Monitor" app just shows Audio < External Mic but is NOT the audio from the camera (K3M).

I tested the same capture setup by plugging the USB-C into my laptop and using VLC as my viewer and the audio came in perfectly.

Any ideas or reasons why the Xperia Pro-I isn't receiving the audio that the K3M is capturing?


I just figured it out -If you have a pair of earbuds or headphones that have a mic, as soon as you plug into the Xperia, the External Monitor app switches from "audio = USB" to "audio = External Mic" - hence why when I was trying to monitor the audio coming from the camera/K3M, it wasn't picking it up - it was using the audio from the little mic on my headphones/earbuds.

I wish the External Monitor app had a better audio preference menu