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A6400 versus Z Series for Live Streaming


I currently own a A6400, which I link to a camera switcher together with another brand of camera for live streaming and prerecorded content for YouTube. I must say that I have not been impressed by Sony’s app, which is glitchy and cumbersome, requiring me to set it up each time I open the app.

My question: would I not be better off selling my A6400 and buying two of the Z series? I am not a traditional photographer, just point and shoot. I just want high quality video, with multiple angles, for live streaming.

Advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


Community Manager
Community Manager

This is a great question. I'm not sure it's an either/or scenario. I have an Alpha 6400 (a6400) and a ZV-1 setup for livestreaming. I like that the Alpha 6400 (which I have set up at an angle to my computer) allows for interchangeable lenses (mine has a Vario-Tessar T* FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS (SEL1635Z) on it most of the time) and the ZV-1 is set up for head on. I run both through a capture card which has been very stable. I feel like this setup gives me a lot of versatility. A ZV-E10 in place of the Alpha 6400 would also be a great solution, but since you already have the Alpha 6400 (like I did), you could keep it and add a ZV-1 and a lens or 2 to expand your setup'd versatility. Of course it depends on exactly what you're doing. You might also have a look at this video with Terry Warfield. ( He talks about gear like the ZV-E10 as well as some of his top vlogging tips.