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Adventure Vlogging with a Minimum of Gear: Sony ZV-E10

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I recently started a new Vlog on YouTube called, "MotoPat."  I have been documenting my motorcycle trips with the new Sony ZV-E10 camera, the new 11mm f/1.8 lens, and the ECM-G1 microphone, and the grip, of course.  It's been fun to do and I love traveling lightweight with no bulk.  I have also been using the RX0II for actual riding video content.  I don't even carry extra batteries as I charge the camera each night with my laptop and download clips right from the camera.  I review each piece of gear I use in separate videos and while I just got started, the new channel is growing 🙂


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Community Manager

Very cool, PM-R! Love getting more of your thoughts on vlogging with the ZV-E10!

It seems like so much of social media is in such a rush.  Vlogging allows me to spend a little more time on a subject and truly share the experience I am having with followers.  Vlogging while riding the motorcycle requires me to stop more often, which is actually good for me.  I turn fuel stops and meals into opportunities to share about how much I love riding, the beauty I am seeing, and even a little on the meaning of life.  Vlogging is good mental health for me and if you are going to present even a short update, there needs to be a beggining, middle and an end.

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Sounds fun!

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Here is one of my MotoPat videos in case you care to check them out: