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Best vlogging Mic

Hello Alpha Universe,What’s the best Mic for Vlogging? Something with some good noise cancellation.


Hi, I am just getting into vlogging and building a YouTube channel that focuses on behind the scenes of running my business. I sell rocks and mineral specimens and would love some feedback on cameras or lenses that would get me the quality Im looking...

Lina by Newbie
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Special Dates - 2-23-2023

Does anyone do special vlogs for dates with special numbers like this? I'm thinking of doing Day in the Life/5 seconds  type of vlog, where I just show snippets of my day.  Anyone else doing something? 

RoGina by Top Contributor
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Sony A7

Im really hoping the next model of these cameras come with a reversible screen and not one that just flips up halfway. As a creator that shoots most of my content myself, It really makes a huge huge difference

Saving our precious moments - cloud or local

Currently everything is shoved in my Gdrive, but I'm wondering if local storage and local backup is better than constantly upgrading storage. I'm one to NOT delete anything so, just curious what everyone is doing for their file management? 

Calm vlogs with minimal movement

I used to want a bunch of hyphy footage, gimbal movement and just a bunch of camera movement in general, but lately I've been Inspired by the still life.  This is typically a vlog style that's shot on a tripod with very well composed framing. I find ...


Quick tip or "Hack" (gotta get you to click lol). BUT SERIOUSLYYour vlog does NOT have to be filmed in one day. We get stuck in the trap of the vlog starts at the beginning of the day, and it stops at the end of the day. Don't get me wrong, that work...

First Vlog - Ever

It's not perfect (and some of its out of focus), but I recorded, edited and most importantly published my first vlog/YouTube short. I decided to do a series called Tiny Stories, where I give  experiences from my life from my perspective. First up, ho...

RoGina by Top Contributor
  • 2 replies

Astrophotography and coffee VLOG - 10

Hello there Alpha Universe, how are you doing?So... I finally arrived to my astrophotography and coffee VLOG number 10.It's been quite a while, but this one took time to get it right.Basically, it's a behind the scenes video of how I took one tribute...

Happy New Vlog Year

Happy New Year everyone! What are some photography or videography related resolutions you might be pursuing for the year? For me this year, I want to explore more photography styles and figure out more of a style that I want to achieve! Are you hopin...

Just captions...

I love vlogs that have no talking, just captions. It feels like you’re reading a book and watching a movie at the same time ( I'm not a big book reader, but I can read captions all day!) Of course, throwing some type of chill music behind it is neede...

Slow Motion Tips in Video

Fun Tip: For those getting started in vlogging, utilize some slow motion to help add some cinematic elements to your vlogs. If you’re using an older camera like the a7III or a6400 and are limited to 1080p60 or 1080p120 and feel like your results look...

Sony ZV1

I just got my camera and I have been using it for a few months to vlog on YouTube and a couple of times to shoot short clips of an outfit in a vertical b-roll. I would love any tips for making sure the lighting is more realistic when I'm switching fr...