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Should You Vlog During the Winter Break?

This is my last week of work before I take some time off for the holidays. I've got some new gear that I'd LOVE to play with during the break, but I also don't want that to take away time from my family.  At the same time, I love looking back at vlog...

Vlogging Cameras Represent 7.4% of Total Camera Sales since 2020

"As of September, there are only 4 models of cameras for Vloggers, but sales account for 7.4% of the total camera market. It has become too big to ignore. Cameras for Vloggers can be expected to become even more exciting in the future."      Source: ...

pm-r by Star Member
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How do YOU prioritize vlogs?

Vlogs have traditionally been low priority for my content release, but lately I've been thinking it should move up the totem pole.  I feel like future clients can get a better sense of your workflow and who you are, if you have more vlog content up, ...

What Inspires You?

Hey all! Excited to be chatting on the forum and connecting with other creators. Some quick updates on what we've been up to, we've been in our digital nomad travel phase (in Japan right now) and it's been a great way for us to stay inspired while vl...

Drone pilot entering to win camera

The vlogging kit ZV-1, what are the pros for this camera? In need of a basic camera set up for vlogging and this appears to be perfect. Anyone who has experience, please let me know. 


Remember when vlogs had to look cinematic and epic? Yeah, I don't wanna do that anymore haha. I almost just wanna vlog with whatever camera I have and capture my day, even if I don't make a YouTube video about it. What do y'all think about this?

vlogging to distract ourselves...

I've been feeling sad lately, and vlogging random things throughout the day has helped distract me and gets me into flow-state. What I'm finding is that vlogging doesn't have to be this glamorously planned out event. In these moments, do you feel tha...

Your BIGGEST challenge...

Honestly, one of my biggest challenges when I first started vlogging was how I looked and sounded on camera. So I want to drop some tips on how to "combat" this challenge as I know some of us struggle with the same. 1. ACCEPTANCE Listen bro/sis, you ...

New member here

Hello everyone. Just joined this community. As a Youtube vlogger (Gr8fully Tedicated) I will be interested to see what goes on here and hope there is a strong connection among the members.


It seems like vlogs are making a comeback lately, and I am here for it! I guess it makes sense after being stuck in our homes for a while, people are wanting to explore the world and do exciting things again. I know for me, I will be vlogging more be...

NEWBIE Vlogging tips?

What up y'all!Some of you all may know me from Youtube, if you do say hello below! If not, nice to forum meet you LOL. I thought it would be a good idea to post some of our favorite vlogging tips, sort of as a kind of "sticky" for those starting out ...

A6400 versus Z Series for Live Streaming

I currently own a A6400, which I link to a camera switcher together with another brand of camera for live streaming and prerecorded content for YouTube. I must say that I have not been impressed by Sony’s app, which is glitchy and cumbersome, requiri...

JimMcD by Newbie
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The new Sony ZV-1F announcement

Hi vloggers and aspiring vloggers. The new Sony ZV-1F was just announced. What are your impressions about the new ZV addition? How do you think the ZV-1F could integrate into your content creation routine? I would like to hear what you think.