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Best vlogging Mic

Prime Creator

Hello Alpha Universe,

What’s the best Mic for Vlogging? Something with some good noise cancellation.


I’m actually trying to solve this myself. I’m planning to do a video soon on my audio solutions. I just bought the ECM-B10, but I also have the Sennheiser MKE400, and the DJI wireless microphones, but also I feel like the on board audio mics of the A7IV are also perfectly good to use for vlogging too since it’s the same one they used in the ZV1, and vloggers just throw that windscreen on top and vlog with it all the time. So I’ll do a comparison between all four, outdoors quiet, outdoors noisy, and indoors with echoes. 

This sounds good, drop the link to the video when it’s published 

Leading Creator

The ECM-B10 is my favorite on-camera mic. The sound quality is honestly super rich and pleasing to the ear for the size and range of the mic. It's my go-to for run and guns. You can pick it up here.

Thank you Drew, I’ve had my eye on it for a while, do you know if it’s worth it to get the more expensive one?