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Calm vlogs with minimal movement

Top Contributor

I used to want a bunch of hyphy footage, gimbal movement and just a bunch of camera movement in general, but lately I've been Inspired by the still life.  This is typically a vlog style that's shot on a tripod with very well composed framing. I find that the less movement there is, the more calm the video feels and I'm loving that.

Do calming vlogs shot in this way appeal to you? 


Mover & Shaker

 I think there was a fad for a while where we needed all those crazy whip pans, swoosh effects, etc. And let's not forget zoom transisitions lmao. I think those still work for short form content. But for YouTube vlog stuff? I much prefer the smoother vibe. 

Also, I think we have to remember, that people are watching us...FOR US. I think all the extra stuff sometimes disconnects us from our viewers!

I would definitely agree that people are watching us for us! 

Prime Creator

I will replay as a viewer, I don't have knowledge or experience as a videographer.

I prefer less to no movement shots; as you said it is more calming. When meditating, it is always the intention to stay still (to be grounded and present). This allows the eyes to wander slowly within the frame and enjoy the scene. Movements do take away from the calming effect of what's in the shot. Not to mention, it might create some motion sickness to some people or a headache. That's why gaming companies have added options to turn off camera shake and motion blur, and the choice of a center dot.

great to hear your perspective on this!