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Camcorders are the jam!

Top Contributor

Camcorder style! There’s something magical about vlogging with a camcorder to me. I picked up an early 2000’s Handycam a few months back and it's been a blast! While I do have a "newer" 2017 Handycam I still like the old ones because they were small, cute, and the video quality was horrible, but perfectly nostalgic. 

Thoughts on camcorders? 


Mover & Shaker

for my hybrids win. I love video and photography the same, so having both in one camera is amazing. I do like using old cameras tho. We get spoiled by the amazing cameras we have now. Those older cams give us a reminder of what things were like when WE were growing up!

I saw a beast of a Sony camcorder at the thrift shop yesterday...definitely was from the 80's. This timeline is pretty interesting -'ve come a long way indeed!