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Drone pilot entering to win camera

The vlogging kit ZV-1, what are the pros for this camera? 

In need of a basic camera set up for vlogging and this appears to be perfect. 

Anyone who has experience, please let me know. 


Mover & Shaker

It’s an awesome little camera. In fact, it’s my favorite camera. However it has its flaws and shortcomings. As a first camera however, I’d recommend the ZV-E10, specifically fog the bigger sensor and the ability to change lenses, which is HUGE. This means you can grow with the camera, since different lenses can totally change the way your photos and videos look and feel. The ZV1 doesn’t have that capability, but it is a lot smaller. Remember, no camera is perfect. They all have flaws, pros, and cons. It’s about finding the one that checks the most boxes for you 

I LOVE THE SONY ZV-1! I use it all the time in my studio as a top down shot for unboxing videos. It's also a great complimentary camera to my full-frame bodies whenever I travel. I have a setup guide on the camera if you wanna watch it: