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GEAR holding you back?

Mover & Shaker

I am a person who doesn't think gear really matters when it comes to the reality style vlog videos we love to make. Good content that looks sub-par beats pretty content that boring.  I mean sure, it helps, but Mr. Beast got his first 6M+ subs using just a cell phone.

The question is, have YOU ever felt like gear was a limiting factor for you when creating vlogs, and if so, why, and how did you overcome that feeling?


Prime Creator

Gear is not the most important thing in creativity, but the right gear will make things easier and usually better. 

I def agree on that. I always say refine the skillset, and then the gear will help you elevate the skillset. There are alot of people who dont understand this however unfortunately 

Prime Creator

To add to what Tony had said, honing skills and understanding ones craft will show which gear you actually need for what you do. Although I shoot stills mainly, I also had the same thoughts and feelings. I'm also guilty of G.A.S. What helped me is to work my field with 1 lens each day, and then analyze the shots I got and figure out what makes them good and what can make them better. Most of what I've found is that developing my personal skills will make the majority of my images better and while small number would benefit from a specific piece of gear.

But I can't deny that buying gear feels good and exciting. In my opinion, it's the gear-head's style of shopping therapy.