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How do you slomo, S&Q vs Native 60/120p?


I was sharing my vlogging setup with my videographer recently and was surprised they hadn't heard that you can shoot slow motion video easier using S&Q mode. Which method of slow motion do you prefer? Personally, I like S&Q for the ability to replay the clip in slow motion in camera. This way, I know I definitely got the shot. Thoughts? 


Prime Creator

I use S&Q more often, but I like that you can record audio if you don't use S&Q. So it just depends

Mover & Shaker

Same. I like not having high frame rate clips that I won't use. I shoot a lot of 4x4 off road content so I'll shoot one on sticks with audio in real time and hand hold in S&Q 120 for the cool shots. Then cut the two together.

Leading Creator

If sound isn't important, S&Q is the way to go. If you want to be able to have both slow-motion capabilities and audio capabilities then shooting 60/120p natively is the way to go. 

Mover & Shaker

I know this post has been up for a little while but I think it's a good one. I find myself using standard slo-mo for the flexibility. I know you SHOULDN'T use your slo mo clips for talking head pieces, but when you are running and gunning it's easy to forget to flip back to your 24/30fps option. I have had it happen more than once. Being able to still save my vlog by having a regular slo-mo clip WITH sound that can be played back at regular speed is game changing. Is dropping 1080p 120fps talking head into a 24p timeline ideal for the "cinematic look"? Lol HEAVENS NO, but in a pinch, it certainly saves the day

S&Q has the frame and data rate cooked in. Standard Sony slo-mo has the data they're available to use IF you want to slow it down, but you don't have to.