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I suck at vlogging

I tried to make a vlog yesterday, but wasn't really happy with the footage. I think I'm still hanging on to making my vlogs look "cinematic" haha. Maybe I should just post the crappy footage for the vlog anyway? I guess that what's vlogs are all about - capturing the moment despite the quality of the footage. Just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else feels the same. 


Top Contributor

post it so I can watch! 😊


Hey Sidney! Practice makes perfect, don't be too hard on yourself! As long as it's not like the Cloverfield movie then I think you're good! haha Capture the moment, have fun with it, it'll be great!❤️

Prime Creator

Don't worry about "cinematic" quality too much, get a gimbal and it will take care of the smooth motions 😄 Live in the moment and enjoy! ^_^ If you focus too much on your camera during filming, your audience won't be able to connect with your authentic emotions in the moment.