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Just captions...

Top Contributor

I love vlogs that have no talking, just captions. It feels like you’re reading a book and watching a movie at the same time ( I'm not a big book reader, but I can read captions all day!) Of course, throwing some type of chill music behind it is needed but it's great to show your thoughts in different ways. 

What do you think about vlogging in this way? 


Prime Creator

This is a  great non-talking vlog for Japan:

His videos are informative and fun to watch. I especially like that I can hear the ambience and feel as if I'm there. He doesn't add any music to the videos. This type of video I like them without a talking person.

But sometimes there are other videos that benefit from talking, and even adds entertainment to the content. Therefore, I would say it depends on the content: information, entertainment, showcasing, etc.

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I actually love these vlogs as well. Especially the ones that are day in a life.