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LEVERAGING gear or trending topics in VLOGS...

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Happy holidays y'all!

I am going to be honest, I didn't create any vlogs over the last few days. I figured its time to take a creative break. During this break, I remembered a crucial tip that Casey Neistat used to employ in his vlogs. USING TRENDING GEAR OR TOPICS to help his vlog get traction. Some don't care if anyone see their vlogs, and I totally get that. However, if you are using vlogs as one of your creative tools to either grow an audience, or engage with your audience, here are two tips:

1. Use trending gear that you can include in your title, and/or description. This increases your chances of your vlog being shown to a viewer who may be searching for, example, "Sony A7RV". Title example could be "A DAY IN THE LIFE, using the NEW SONY A7RV!!", (just an example). Obviously there are a thousand ways to manipulate a title. This is in evergreen approach that can continue to bring your vlogs more traffic as long as the product is being searched for. 

2. Use trending topics, that you can include in your title, and/or description. Now, there is a fine line with this method. LOL. You are only as good as the last hot topic lol. Meaning, you could easily find your vlog getting major push for as long as the trending topic is hot, but it also means, once the heat goes away, your vlog viewership could fade with it. Again, this is an easy way to get traffic, but I would only use it as a boost when needed. You can still do your vlogs as usual, but, include something cool thats trending that you may have done in your video.  An example could be "I tried the new Tik Tok challenge - Day in the life".

Anywho, there are a million tools we can use for vlogging and viewership, and these are just two more. Guaranteed to work? NOPE! But could they work? YEP!


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great tips!

thanks homie! Happy new years

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Great suggestions!

thanks Tony!