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More Cameras or LESS Gear?

What's the right amount of gear to bring with you on a daily basis? One camera? Two cameras? Five lenses? I think I have way too much camera gear in my bag, and I want to stick to just the essentials (including snacks). Curious to see how much gear you all have in your camera bag!



I too bring too much gear. Often I will pack a lens or two and never use them on the whole trip. However, I would feel really bad if the opportunity arose to use one and didn't have a particular lens, which has happened before too! After all what's an extra pound or two of glass? It will just enhance your daily workout! Haha! So bring it and maybe leave the extra lens in the car, at least it would be mostly accessible if needed. Good luck with your work!

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I often find myself lugging around a ton of gear and then end up not taking the time to switch lenses or whatnot. I think I'm leaning towards more of a lean and mean kit - keeps me light on my feet and I like the creative challenge of trying to come up with new and interesting shots with limited gear. But ultimately, it probably depends on what you're shooting that day. What are you primarily shooting? What gear do you find yourself using most?

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I carry way to much. I feel like sometimes it takes away from what it is I'm trying to experience...

I think we need to focus more on one kit that can get us 70% of the shots we need, instead of trying to make sure every single basis is covered when we are out trying to just capture the moment or the experience. interesting topic 


Most of the time, I bring my Sony a6400 and Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 and some spare batteries.