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It seems like vlogs are making a comeback lately, and I am here for it! I guess it makes sense after being stuck in our homes for a while, people are wanting to explore the world and do exciting things again. I know for me, I will be vlogging more because I have some exciting projects to share! I might even make some videos about some new camera gear I recently acquired 😉

Anyway, I really think people should vlog more in 2023 because people's stories are worth sharing. With that said, what are YOU going to vlog about next year?


Leading Creator

Vlogging is great! I'm starting a new series for a production I'm working on called "Project Preservation" aimed at protecting in-danger of disappearing landscapes - I'm really excited to launch it later next year. What kind of stories are you looking to vlog about yourself?

That sounds like a great series! Can't wait to watch!

Rising Star

I've been working on a MotoPat Vlog series. I'm still adjusting the gear I'm going to be using but I'm already 6 episodes in as I ride around on two different motorcycles on in two parts of the country... it's been fun trying to figure it all out. I started with the ZVE10 but have now moved to the a7C with three lenses.

The A7C is a great camera especially with those lenses!