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NEWBIE Vlogging tips?

Mover & Shaker

What up y'all!

Some of you all may know me from Youtube, if you do say hello below! If not, nice to forum meet you LOL. I thought it would be a good idea to post some of our favorite vlogging tips, sort of as a kind of "sticky" for those starting out with vlogging, or, those who are still trying to develop their vlogging prowess. The "art of vlogging" is challenging for a lot of folks (it was for me at the beginning), so I will give one of my favorite tips, and hopefully you can leave one of your tips to help out beginning, and hey, even experienced vloggers. I will go first. (Let's not talk about gear, but vlogging itself)

I think one of my biggest tips would be DON'T OVERTHINK IT. I think we get into habits of trying to make sure our vlog is "perfect". Ya know, the camera has to be set right, the story has to be "perfect", we have to look perfect on camera, and so on so forth. Don't get me wrong, once you get good at vlogging, I think those qualities are great, but I think initially, you just need to focus on capturing the moment. Essentially, stop thinking so much about "HEY I'M VLOGGING", and just focus on capturing the moment! Stop worrying about your ISO, your shutter speed, etc, and CAPTURE THE MOMENTS! In a vlog, that's what your viewers want to see. The other skills will come in time. I could go on for days but I would love for you all to drop some of your tips for others. LET'S GO!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Great advice Terry!

Thanks Stormy!