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Old vlog footage - trash it or post it?

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Shooting things is easy...the hard part is dumping all the footage and editing it. I've built up a fairly large archive of vlog footage that often times, takes forever to file manage and ends up going to waste because I feel like it's "outdated" by the time I'd post it. 


What are your thoughts about old vlog footage that you've never posted? Do you still work on it, or just move on to more relevant stuff you've shot? 



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It is memory demanding to keep them, luckily not the same for stills. But since they are past due, why not create B-rolls and keep that on the side when you need any. Then dump unnecessary files.

It's productive-procrastination, or a type of it.

good idea! I never dump footage though, I'm somewhat of a hoarder in the digital world lmao

I understand the feeling. I am the same, but can't really speak for videography. Luckily, the costs of memory keeps going down while the quality goes up.

Here is an idea that I just thought of: use old footage that you never used to create a "teaching" course. Something outside the realm of youtube and in the educational space. You get to use it, try some new ideas or tests, and have it generate some passive income on some of the educational websites.

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If there's a story to be told, and the footage you have tells that story, keep it. Use it. And improve upon it.