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vlogging to distract ourselves...

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I've been feeling sad lately, and vlogging random things throughout the day has helped distract me and gets me into flow-state. What I'm finding is that vlogging doesn't have to be this glamorously planned out event. 

In these moments, do you feel that vlogging and filming things makes you feel better, or do you feel like NOT picking up the camera at all?  



Prime Creator

It's photography for myself, but not the only thing I feel not doing. It is tough to even leave the house or bed, so some system is needed to help. I have research so it forces me out of the house, but what I've found to best change my mood, and fixes my body, is yoga. It is an amazing remedy! You'd still feel like you don't want to practice, and "getting on the mat is a hard thing to do" (said all instructors I've met). But try it, and make it part of your morning routine.

Yoga is definitely a great practice. I did Hot Yoga the other month and it literally felt like I was shedding so much negative weight off myself! 

I don't know if this is allowed or not, but I'll just make the recommendation.

Look for Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube. Amazing lady with too many classes of different levels, needs, and durations. I love her 10 minutes morning yoga, and I highly recommend it. You could add few minutes of meditation, she has them too.

Totally agree. Sometimes I feel there's pressure to vlog and make it look "cinematic" but I wanna stop that and just vlog for me (even if I don't make it public). Almost like a video journal.