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Vlogging with NO face :)

Top Contributor

Lately, I've been watching a ton of cinematic camping vlogs, to which a lot of the vloggers tend to not show their face. I can see this being much more convenient when you're not trying to always make sure your hair and makeup is presentable and you just want to get the shot!

I'll be rolling out more vlogs in this style with closeup shots and voice over. What do you all think about vlogs with no face? 

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I think this is a fire technique that I use often. It breaks up the "monotony" of our faces being all up in peoples face for the whole video, and I think it gives a certain intimacy in the shot especially when you are talking about more serious stuff. Keep the tips coming homie!

Thanks, Terry for the feedback! Happy to see you here 😀

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There's an Instagrammer I follow  that vlogs by showing herself doing seemingly mundane things. She rides her bike, reads a book, make cookies and so on. She very rarely does talking head videos.  I love this idea and its something I want to explore in 2023. 

I love this! what's her account?