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Your vlogging setup...looking for some insights

Community Manager
Community Manager

For ll the vloggers, I'm working up some content on vlogging and I'd like to learn about your preferred setups. I'm interested in your camera, favorite lens or lenses and any other essentials you use. Thanks.



I was really impressed with the Sony ZV-E10 and Sony VPT2BT wireless grip combo for both vlogging and capturing stable footage while traveling. I like how small the setup is and how I can use the flip out screen to get low to the ground for unique angles. This is a great camera when paired with the Sony E 10-20mm f/4 PZ G lens. I also like how the Sony VPT2BT wireless grip has a built in tripod so I can quickly set the camera up for timelapses without needing additional gear.

I am interested in checking out the Vlog Monitor for Xperia phones, specifically the Sony Xperia 1 IV. This looks like an amazing setup especially when needing to pack light.

Great. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the great feedback.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I’m thinking of getting a ZV-E10 and the 16-35mm PZ for my main vlogging setup.

If you used that combo, it would give you a 24-52mm zoom on the ZV-E10.  You might be better off with the 10-20G lens which would actually give you a true 10-20mm view.  Also, remember the camera does not have IBIS so you can get a similar effect by turning on active steady shot but then the camera will crop in slightly by about a 1.6X conversion so if you used the active SS on the ZV-E10 with the 16-35PZ, you'd end up with about a 41mm lens at the widest zoom.  On top of that, you'd be using a lens that would be larger and heavier than the 10-20G and not be able to use all of the good glass inside...  food for thought...