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  1. A question about using a Polarizer: Do you have/use a different polarizer for each lens or do you utilize a step-up ring and use the same polarizer for each lens? For example, my 24-70mm uses an 82mm polarizer and my 100-400mm uses a 77mm. Step-up rings seem to be a bit of a hassle, but so would be carrying different size polarizer lenses. Thank you for your ideas!
  2. I too bring too much gear. Often I will pack a lens or two and never use them on the whole trip. However, I would feel really bad if the opportunity arose to use one and didn't have a particular lens, which has happened before too! After all what's an extra pound or two of glass? It will just enhance your daily workout! Haha! So bring it and maybe leave the extra lens in the car, at least it would be mostly accessible if needed. Good luck with your work!
  3. To be honest I would love to win the camera package, simply to give it to my wife. She is such a wonderful person, and she has an amazing eye for photography. She at times says she is not very good, especially because she has a familiar tremor, which makes her hands shake uncontrollably at times. But when she does take photos, they are amazing! Photography has been my hobby/avocation since I was a teenager, and she is always supportive of that for me, I'd love to give her something, so she can blossom in her own way! She is truly the love of my eternity!! Thanks for letting me rant a bit about her!
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