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  1. You're 100% correct here. That's what they told me at B&H yesterday the focus will never be the same and we tried maybe 3 different adapters to have hunting and other focus issues. I guess it's time to let go of all my Nikon stuff. This is my first Mirrorless and do you think I made the right choice for going for a 61mp out the gates? A7r5 is just out of my budget at the moment. I also picked up a Sony 70-200 f4 lens in excellent condition last night. What are your thoughts on my setup?
  2. Yes, I had been to both yesterday, but as LensBrew mentioned, they said it's a hit or miss with these adapters, and the AF speed will never be the same. Some new monster adapter just came out, but it's unknown how good it is. Guess it's time to go to Sony full-time and sell all my Nikon gear. Thanks for your advice 😊
  3. Welcome I am new here as well. I went from a Nikon d500 to Sony a7r4 and struggling with the lenses. I thought I'd be able to use all my Nikon 1.8-2.8 lense on my a7r4 with an adapter but boy was I wrong. I went to adorama and B&H and they told me there are no good f to e mount adapters that work with AF. Im stuck with 2 cameras and 1 Sony lens. Any recommendations?
  4. I’ve shot with my Nikon D500 for the past 8 years. I love the camera and acquired over 11 lenses, some prime, and some telephoto, over the years. I finally made the switch to Sony. I bought the A7R4 full frame and couldn’t be happier. The problem is I have so many Nikon lenses I thought I’d be able to use on my Sony. I went to B&H and tried a few adapters, and none of them really worked well with Nikon lenses. I now have my D500 with tons of 1.8 - 2.8 lenses and have the Sony with sigma 24-70 2.8 and 85 1.8 Sony. I want to be able to use all my Nikon lenses, but I don’t know how or what adapter to get since I’ve heard many kill the Sony camera after. I’m in NYC for a few more days and can go to Adorama or B&H, but I need professional guidance; otherwise, I can’t afford any more Sony lenses. Thank you all so much. It was a 2 year in the making switch for me from Nikon to Sony, but I didn’t expect such a lens issue in 2023.
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