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  1. I have always been a pelican case person... and I know this can be mildly polarizing but its what works for me. I do alot of sports and event work so sometimes it means a lot of travel for short bits of time. I stuff all my camera gear into a pelican 1510 case and I carry a DB backpack pro where I fit some clothes my computer stuff and snacks. I use the pelican because oftentimes I'm not flying very far and I the planes don't always fit the pelican case so I gate check it. The pelican case is bomb proof and I'm almost certain if it was strapped to the outside it would still arrive intact. Yes its heavy, yes its bulky but I've also seen people drop it out of the plane and the gear was fine.
  2. I love shooting sports, and I have been lucky enough to make it my job. That being said sometimes once you get your shot list sorted I try to get a little creative and almost try to create a photo essay. It can be a little hard especially when you are doing through a commercial lenses knowing the work should fit within brand and style guidelines. What are some tips or trains of thought fellow sports photographers do when trying to incorporate some more visual story telling into your work?
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