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  1. You my friend are getting banding from using a high shutter speed under cheap LED lights.!!!
  2. What ever it takes to get good images is all that matters. You may be able to refine your shooting a little bit but do not sacrifice anything that will have you miss the moment. Also, images that do not seem so important now could be valuable later.
  3. YUP, the 135mm 1.8 is one of my favorites. Nice images !!!
  4. I think you will really happy with the ECM-B10, i have been using it lately and am really impressed
  5. I just returned from a three week trip abroad and I am going through my images. When I return from a trip of many weeks I can have 10,000-20,000 images to look through and I want to share how i tackle such a large number of photos and my work flow. I tag my photos on my initial pass with a color or a star, and I pick a lot of photos without stopping to look at the details or doing any sort of comparison. I think it is necessary on the first pass to be fast and reactive and not dwell on any images or you will never get through your take. The next day I look through the first pass and start getting a bit more judgemental and specific in my choices. This set of photos have another color or two stars. After waiting a day or two I go through the 'second' set of choices. This is the point where the process becomes tedious as I really compare the details in similar images and try to decide which is the best. I pick a thrid color or assign three stars to these images. At this point I would have narrowed things down to 500-800 images with this third star or color. A day or two later I bring in another person to look at the photographs with a fresh set of eyes and I would hope to cut the photos down to 300- 500 images at this point. These final images will have four starts or a fourth color. These final raw images are then processed, renamed and put into my archival catalogue.
  6. Instagram should be about your photos and what you like. Post whatever you want, do not feel judged. If it is an older image and you feel better mentioning it is from your archive than do just that.
  7. I favor the Tenba Roadie Roller. It is really well constructed and the design of the bag is thought out for the working photographer. There is a version that is reinforced and can be shipped in the belly of the plane if necessary.
  8. IraBlock

    Never to late

    What great advice, everyone should attempt to live their dream!
  9. I used to carry everything in a large backpack on the plane. One night after flying over 8 hours I landed and had to transfer to another flight. I was tired and jet lagged, and needed to walk for 30 minutes to my new flight. After that incident I decided to get a rolling bag.
  10. They were great cameras, but they were very large!!
  11. Of course the Sony AF system is incredible! I also love the ability to customize all the buttons on the camera. Every photographer has a different way of shooting and being able to set up the Sony camera to make it easy to work with is really fantastic.
  12. IraBlock


    The a7siii and fx3 are the obvious choices. The new FX30 seems to be very popular with filmmakers, and is well priced. I would definitely give the FX30 a look
  13. I just used mine the other night on my Sony a7rV with no problems. Check the initial setup.
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