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  1. How do you stand out in such a crowded landscape? There are so many content creators nowadays!
  2. That is great advice. I will keep it in mind. Thank you!!!
  3. Hi Kesha! Thank you for coming on today. I wanted to ask about building connections with your clients. How do you establish a connection with your subjects to bring out their authentic selves in front of the camera? How do you make them feel comfortable?
  4. Do you photoshop the food in any way or are the images you make fairly similar to out of camera?
  5. Thank you Ryan! That is incredibly insight, and I will keep this in mind next time I am out. :)
  6. When you’re looking at a scene, how do you create something new?
  7. That makes sense! For commercial work, is there a lens you gravitate to more?
  8. What's your go-to camera and why??
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