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  1. So happy that this will be saved. Have to run. Thank you everyone. So cool to be chatting with Matt. Feel like we are chatting with a celeb! I guess he really is though in our industry lol Have a great day!
  2. Refreshing, I feel many would push us to get a prime.
  3. It is crazy how much power you lose in HSS.
  4. Will this all be saved to review later?
  5. A lot of what I run in to is....every parent in my area can probably afford a good camera. Will software be able to make them look nice without the art/skill? MY bread and butter is real estate. I feel someday realtors will buy a camera and with a click of a button they will be edited.
  6. A lot of talk about AI on here. Does anyone ever fear it will take over our industry? I just left my full time job to do this full time. Scary.
  7. Haha, that and honestly that is your secret sauce sometimes and maybe its ok to hold that back.
  8. I see that you mentioned presets in a response. Do you sell actions or presets?
  9. I am looking to upgrade fro the A7III, think the A7IV or A7R4 are good?
  10. Wow, yeah. Even though I am not a pro in this genre yet I am undercharging. Thank you!
  11. Pricing is my second hardest struggle. no doubt about that. My wife and many others think I need to charge more, especially being I have switched to full time.
  12. Yeah, I would never make it in sales. I do a charity bike ride every year and always struggle asking for money for it lol
  13. I am all about loyalty. How do you offer photos without feeling like you are trying to steal business or step on toes? A franchise does our kids soccer team. I still feel bad but not as bad as if someone local was doing it. This is part of the business I need to work on. Getting business without encroaching.
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