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  1. Oh Nice, Will check it out. Thank you for all the inspiration, teaching and for taking the time today. We appr
  2. Replacing grass that doesn't quite match, Adding lights to stadium light that wasn't turned on ..Easy stuff
  3. Are there any alternatives to a more solid program using AI other than PS (Beta)? I mostly use light room for post but have been tinkering with Beta because its the only program I know thats available
  4. Yeah Just do it. I use rock town presets on everything
  5. School media days are different and that caries. 400 is for the mini session
  6. I charge 400.00 for 30 minutes and deliver 15-20 photos and try and book as many as people in one day as possible. If I get 10 or more in a day I'll lower it to 375-350 just an FYI
  7. Please elaborate on the Hopkinsville lighting technique and flash settings
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