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Budget Macro


Hi, I've been interested in trying out macro photography (and possibly videography) but I am having a hard time deciding on the best macro lens to start with. I have the #Alpha 6500 (a6500) and I have looked at both new and used options. If you have a recommendation for a good, budget macro lens let me know!


Rising Star

Sony makes three very capable macro lenses, one for APS-C only, and then two FF ones with 50mm and 90mm focal lengths. The best of these is by far the 90mm f/2.8G macro but on your a6500, it would be equivalent to a 135mm lens because of the crop factor. If you plan to stay APS-C, then the SEL30M35 would be your best bet and it's also the least expensive of all three options. If you plan to move up to Full Frame in the near future, then I'd go for the FE50mm f/2.8 Macro instead. This would be a 75mm field of view on your a6500 and would also work well. I'll list all three of the lenses below so you can just click and learn more about them. Hope this helps you! pm-r 🙂