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  • Product Highlight - Alpha 6700

    • I will try it on my a7RV later today and see if I can come up with anything!    
    • HI everyone!  I just got the A6700 and was excited to use the focus bracketing for my macro photography, however it seems like whenever I turn on the focus bracketing the camera defaults back to Live veiw mode which makes it almost impossible to set the focus as I usually have a black screen because my f-stop is high and the light in the woods is low. I shoot with flash to compensate for the low light, and usually have the live view mode off so I can see what I'm doing on the screen.  Is there a setting that I can change to have the Live View mode off during focus bracketing? 
    • I think one thing I will say, maybe a hot take, is that I don’t agree with the saying “just use your iPhone.” If photography IS a hobby you enjoy and spend time doing, and you have the means to invest a little in a camera, then there's nothing like a camera with all the buttons and dials to tinker with. That said, there are sooo many beginner friendly cameras. So ask yourself these questions: 1. How much do you want to spend and what is your budget? 2. Do you want a point and shoot or a camera that allows interchangeable lenses? 3. Research camera brands and the ecosystem that you’ll be investing in 4. Do you want a full frame or APS-C (crop sensor) camera? 5. Consider where the photos are going and how many pixels you want (lower pixels=less resolution and less versatility in how it can be used/ more pixels = more versatility and resolution). 6. What are you photographing? 7. Before purchasing - rent your desired camera to see if you like it. My recommendations are: Full frame: Sony Alpha 7C ll // APS-C: Sony Alpha 6700 // Point and shoot: Sony ZV 1-ll // Splurge: Sony Alpha 7 IV // Budget friendly full frame: Sony Alpha 7 ll ALSO! The used camera market is also an option. Just make sure you do your research and get the shutter count before you buy to ensure the camera still has lots of life in it 🙂
    • This is the video I recorded at 7 PM when the sun had already set. The clip was recorded using a Sony A6700 camera paired with a Tamron 17-70 lens. How do you all find the video quality? In reality, when uploading the video to YouTube, the quality did decrease slightly.  
    • This is a video I shot with a Sony A6700 camera using the S-Cinetone picture profile. This is the original, unedited footage. In the video, I used the 18-50 kit lens and the Sigma 56mm f/1.4 lens.  
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