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YouTuber on the rise!

Hello my name is Hunter Stewart. I am a student who is also running a YouTube channel covering tech products. I started in September of last year and have gained 308 subscribers up until this point. I would love to have a full setup decked out with Sony cameras. However, on the student budget i'm on... I have been using my grandparents iPhone 13's to do all my filming. I love the Sony products I have seen both in person and in videos. I would love to get one sometime in the near future once I save up some money. I think the Sony ZV-E10 would be a great camera to start with! What do you guys think? As of right now I mostly cover accessories for iPhone and Desk accessories. However, I would love to venture into the camera space once enough money is saved up.

If you would like to check out my channel it is linked here: 

Let me know if it's obvious I'm using an iPhone or if it isn't that noticeable... I would really appreciate it! If you like the content, subscribe! It would help me out a lot. Thanks for the feedback! 



Any of the Sony cameras are great for YouTube content.  the E10 is a great entry camera for your needs.  However, if you plan on doing tutorial and review content, you'd be best investing in 2 cameras. one for your main and one for overhead.  When it comes to reviews and tutorials, the more angles you can give especially POV angles, the more viewers would appreciate that.  I use several cameras to record content and livestream

Main Camera

Side Camera

Top down/POV and then a random B-Roll shot.

Good luck and congrats on starting the new page

Prime Creator

There are many amazing Sony cameras you could use for youtube. You could also save yourself some money by going with the ZV-1. But there are 2 crucial element to video before changing your recording devices. The most crucial is Sound. You've heard every videographer say that by now. The second would be the lighting, and I don't mean only 1 light.

My personal opinion is to cover those bases first, and only once you've developed those tools you would look into a body and lens combo.