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  1. How do you build and audience and then engage them enough to take action?
  2. If you had to choose one camera and lens to use for everything, what would it be and why??
  3. Do you have advice for a newbie looking to become a conservation photographer?
  4. That's one of the bodies I'm considering! But I was also thinking about the A1...
  5. What gear do you use? I'm considering upgrading but I can't settle on which camera to get!!!
  6. What methods did you use? Mostly social media?
  7. You're soooo good at dreamy light! Thanks for the info!
  8. How do you create images that differ from classic shots of flowers?
  9. Thank you Hannah! This has been wonderful!
  10. This is really helpful. Thank you!
  11. Do you have recommendations for an easy camera for a beginner?
  12. Wow, thank you! This is great!
  13. Do you plan on offering presets for lightroom? That would be amazing!
  14. How do you market yourself and start working with brands?
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