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  1. I’m also interested in more self portrait. I need to do more of and get more comfortable being in front of the camera instead of behind it
  2. I LOVE me some fireworks shots! This was the New year's celebration in Dallas TX.
  3. The most impactful photo in my collection is not one of rugged landscapes or daring adventures, but a family portrait taken at Mt Rushmore. This image is far more than a mere snapshot; it is a treasured symbol of unity, love, and the preciousness of time. For the first time, we managed to gather every member of our family in one place, enveloping ourselves in the joy of togetherness. Amidst the grandeur of the monument, our smiles and embraces captured more than just a moment; they encapsulated a rare and cherished opportunity to be with one another, uninterrupted by the demands of life. This trip held a deeper significance as our beloved Grandad’s health was waning. The days we spent together became not just a family vacation, but a poignant gathering filled with laughter, stories, and shared memories. Each day was imbued with an unspoken understanding of its preciousness, making every moment more poignant. This photo at Mt Rushmore stands as a powerful reminder of the bonds that tie us, the fleeting nature of time, and the profound joy found in the simplest of moments spent with loved ones. It's a testament to the fact that sometimes, the most impactful photos are those that capture the essence of our personal stories and the depth of our human connections.
  4. I had these both printed on Metal and are hanging in my house. Probably two of my proudest photos. It represents the growth I have experienced as a photographer. And all the sessions I have learned along the way.
  5. To me, the essence of a truly captivating photo lies not just in the image itself, but in the narrative it weaves and the journey it embodies. As an adventurer at heart, each photo I take is a testament to a story - a chronicle of the paths traversed and the hurdles overcome. It's about the composition, the effort, and the moments of truth that lead up to that final click. Take the photos I've attached, for example. It's more than just a snapshot; it's a visual narrative of an arduous ascent to the mountain's summit. It represents the literal and metaphorical peaks we strive to reach. Behind this image lies a tale of perseverance, of choosing the road less traveled, and the risks we embrace to capture that perfect moment. But the journey of capturing such images is about more than risk-taking; it's a process of self-discovery and growth. Every shot is a lesson learned, every frame a step forward in my journey as a photographer and as an individual. To me, photography is an odyssey in itself, where each image marks a milestone of personal and artistic evolution. In essence, a standout photo is a confluence of the art and the adventure, the risks and the rewards, the scene and the unseen story behind it. It's these elements that imbue a photograph with life, transforming it from a mere picture into a powerful narrative.
  6. I typically edit in LR, paid subscription because I hate not being able to use everything lol.
  7. Id Like to get in some more Landscape work. GOAL for 2024 is more adventure to capture.
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