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a1 + 600GM = TD Catch :)


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I was shooting my first American football game of the year last weekend, in between lighting delays, and there was a long pass play so there was plenty of time to pick up the receiver.  With the a1, you just hammer the shutter and wait for the catch.  I had five frames of the ball coming into his hands and this heavily cropped version was the best one.  It's such a pleasure to shoot football with this combination.  the 600GM is so sharp and no matter how far away the object of focus is, the background behind it is always blown out.  the 600GM is easily my favorite of the super-teles but I can't wait to get the 300GM next year.  I'm hoping to get a crack at the pre-production version before then.

Could contain: Helmet, Clothing, Glove, American Football, Football, Person, Playing American Football, Sport, American Football (Ball), Ball

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