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How to feedback / feature request for in camera software / firmware features?


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Hey everybody 🙂

I wondered if there was any way of feeding back / sending requests to the alpha firmware devs of changes / improvements?  This is possible with other software I use which is super great to see some community requested features get implemented so I wondered if it was a possibility for our cameras here?  I've started using S&Q recently on my Alpha IV (latest firmware 2.01) which is super nice to see the footage immediately in the camera at the speed you wish to slow it down to but requires hugely (IMO) expensive memory cards...

So, a suggestion / feature request I have would be:

Request 1

In Shooting > Media > Rec Media Settings you can set which slot Photos and Videos are saved to, this is great.  However with S&Q requiring a crazy expensive card I'd like to be able to choose where all 3 forms of media go... i.e. Photo / Video / S&Q so I can send my video to a standard quick enough card and S&Q footage to the super fast expensive card.  Currently this card gets full super quick as all my video gets saved there too which isn't so ideal as I have to stop and download it all or remember to toggle the card setting everytime I switch between Video/S&Q modes. If there's an alternative way around this I've not realised then please let me know?


Totally unrelated but it's frustrated me recently a few times...

Request 2

Why are Playback options not available on the My Menu setting? I want to be able to quickly toggle the focus point indicator on/off when showing photos in camera to friends because it's often in their eye or something which kinda ruins the frame.


Do you have any feature requests? 

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