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iLCP Social Media Introductions!

dori rathmell

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself briefly: I'm Dori Rathmell, iLCP's Social Media Coordinator and Water Resources Manager! I wear a lot of hats with iLCP, including: 

1. Managing social media content across all platforms (generally, prioritizing IG and FB)

2. Researching water conservation issues worldwide 

3. Creating and Writing ArcGIS StoryMaps, usually about water-related issues 

4. Whatever iLCP is working on! Last year, I got to interview stakeholders in rural Virginia about environmental justice communities and water rights!

* Outside of iLCP, I'm also a full-time graduate student studying Water Resources Management at Duke University in Durham, NC, hence why so much of my focus is on water accessibility!

Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding social media, communications, water accessibility, or really anything you think I can help with!

Excited to see what you all get up to in the forum!


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