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  1. Hi. For me, I like to put on a longer lens (100-400) and zoom in to the photo within the photo. Things that we miss when looking at the big scenes but are still beautiful when isolated in nature. Also find natural frames is another idea I try to look for to create something different. Thanks!
  2. My favorite place... a tee box on a golf course as beautiful as this in this light. Can't beat it! (Taken with my iPhone 12)
  3. MattK

    G Master Macro Lens?

    Hi. I'm curious.... Other than 10mm in focal length, what do you find different?
  4. What a great question. It was tough to pick. I like them all at various times and I think we'd all agree rules are made to be broken. But when I see photos that I really like, I'm often jealous of how the photographer used framing in their composition. It's something I don't see and I have to really work at it. Thanks!
  5. MattK


    Good to hear. I have a small tripod as well. As long as it's not really windy, they are great to have.
  6. Ha! It's a rock solid kayak. It's 12 feet long and meant for fishing and actually meant to stand up in. If you flip this thing over, you had to actually TRY to flip it over - it won't happen by accident 🙂
  7. MattK

    G Master Macro Lens?

    I would agree about the 90mm. I can't imagine what an official "G master" lens would add. The 90mm is the best macro I've ever shot with. Razor sharp and quick to focus.
  8. Hi. You would go to the "suitcase" icon (bottom yellow icon). Then to Operation Customize > Custom Key/Dial Set (the photography one with the camera). From there you can choose which buttons you want to assign to various actions. Hope that helps.
  9. Exposure was a big of a learning curve at first - realizing that Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO all work cohesively and changing one affects the others. Understanding Auto focus too... if I got a sharp photo of something moving, I was excited because I had no idea what I did to achieve it. But for me, it was more on the creative side. I realized I could take photos pretty easily and it took me years to come to grips with the fact that very little matters (at least for me) on the technical and what I put in front of the camera was more important. I had it the other way around at first 🙂
  10. @TrekRover I have something similar that I use when I take my 600mm out on my kayak. Works great to free up my hands and not have to worry about the camera or lens banging around the kayak and setting it down every time I want to paddle. The weight does pull you forward though - hard to have good posture with that thing weighing your chest down 🙂
  11. Very nice. Curious if you've considered lightening the load to just the A1. With those bags around your shoulders, I can't imagine it's easy to get one out for landscape and if a bird flies by, then easily switch. It's probably about the same amount of time as it would be to change lenses and the A1 is superior in every way. So why not just use the a1 for all of it and now you'd only need a small lens pouch in case you needed to change? Great setup though!
  12. Hi. I'm a little late to this one but I see you're still responding to ideas so here goes. I think the first thing I'd look for in a transition is to find some one who makes a living doing what you want to do and try to figure out what they do. Personally, I don't know anyone that does landscape photography professionally that doesn't either A) Teach and/or B) Sell photos or some combo in between. There's such an abundance of photography out there today, that it's tough to make a living selling your photos. I would say to post them online more and not worry too much about people stealing or watermarking. Of course you don't want to give them away for free but always remember that if some one wants your photo for free, they will get it. And those that do that aren't your customer to begin with so you're not losing income. But I guess you need to define what a "full time landscape photographer" means and where the money comes from as a first step. Hope that helps! 🙂
  13. My favorite ones were the ones where the public was invited too, so my fingers are crossed for it!
  14. The Rowena Loop in the Columbia River gorge was always a favorite. And of course, Mt. Rainier in July is wonderful.
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