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The Challenges of Shooting TINY Pictures

Prime Creator

I have always loved the idea of shooting for TINY images. There are so many considerations though and I am currently working with a jewelry printer to place my images on necklaces. I have learned a couple of things. 

1. Shooting for tiny images is completely different than shooting for wall art! Everything is opposite!

2. I will shoot with a wide angle lens from now on--at close distance and with deep aperture to maximize the detail and bring the art closer to the viewer. My goal is to fill the circle with my subject. 

3. Jewelry makers are not photographers and you have to work with what they offer.  I had to get test necklaces and then make a note that I need to warm up my white balance to compensate for the coolness of their printers. 

4. I will post process to remove tiny details--more noise reduction, even when there is no noise. Tiny prints just can't handle a lot of details and it is easy for details to get smudged. I have found that processing in a painterly way really helps to make the image pop under glass. 

5. Macro photographers rejoice! One perfect flower makes a great image for jewelry. 🙂 

6. I am working to find an emotional 'hook' to help sell my jewelry. People associate flowers with memories and it is really important to interlink stories with my flowers. Each necklace can have an engraved message on the back, so that helps too. 

7. The profit margin is a good thing with jewelry, but it takes a little work to dial in a product that can catch top-dollar. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

This is so cool, Caroline!

I am having so much fun reframing how I shoot and why. Here is one I just made today with daffodils that my daughter gave me for Valentine's Day. Daffodils are the birth month flower for March, so it might make a nice gift to someone who has a birthday then, engraved with a personal message on the back. 🙂 

Screen Shot 2023-02-17 at 12.37.32 PM.png

Very beautiful work, never did wide macro but it looks like fun, keep up the good work

Thank you!