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What got you into photography?

As somebody that's recently taken the dive into the world of photography, I'm curious and always excited to hear the reasons why others do it. For me, I discovered some YouTubers like Peter McKinnon and Chris Hau that made it seem so fun. After giving it a bit of a try myself I realized how fulfilling it can be for a hobby. What made you take the first step?


Prime Creator

My dad had a zoom film camera that he rarely used and tons of film. I just grabbed it and shot away (I was 11 then). Over the years I saved money every time I saw some new fancy camera, like Polaroid and disposable Fujis.

I never really had inspirations or saw some actual work, it's just the feeling of holding a camera and capturing a moment in life that felt satisfying. I only got inspired by others (The great Joe McNally and Scott Kelby) 10 years ago and decided to read and learn about the technicalities of photography. 

Prime Creator

I bought a disposable camera on a trip to visit Bruce Lee's grave in Seattle, that was the first camera I ever had. Shortly after I bought a point and shoot, then an SLR

Leading Creator

Seeing black and white prints being processed for the first time and seeing the magic of the image appearing on the paper in the darkroom sealed the deal for me. I love the process of capturing life and moments; sharing them with everyone is the added bonus!