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Well.. this happened


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Just a bit of context for all you guys out there;

7 Years hustling at a restaurant as a waiter and a part time second shooter at weddings, doing music videos, real estate, interviews, commercial work, modelling and product shoots.

All with a Canon 5D mark III and a 60D. I've decided to go all in and reach for the sky to dedicate what I love to do for the rest of my life and pursue my passion to turn it into a business.

The power of hard work really does pay off. Although I must say, even on my lowest days seeing people in the game advance and evolve in this business while I just watched reviews on YouTube. That's all I could really do. Until this day I made the investment of a life time. There's still a few things missing in the picture, currently waiting for a Sony PZ 16-35 and a couple memory cards and and a tripod. I also invested in the Godox TL 60 for doing future music videos. Which is all I've had time to play with.

All I wanted to do is share this moment with all you guys. Never stop hustling to be able to do what you really love. Wishing everyone the best.

Ps: The power of manifesting something in life is insane. Never assimilated it before, but after doing just so. I've gotten this far. Time to start a new Chapter in life, to all you waiters wanting to be in this business full time. I just got 3 words to you all. Never give up.

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