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Inspire yourself by trying this fun astrophotography technique!

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Astrophotography is fun and super easy to do! If you're looking to spice up your social media game, there are a few things you can do to really make your astro images stand out. Below, you'll see an abstract astrophotography still image that was captured using the Sony A1 + 14mm 1.8 GM and a simple 100mm ball head. The idea or principle behind this shot is getting the right exposure on the stars first, and then using the remaining time of your shutter speed to use the stars as a light source that you can leverage to do a reverse light painting (in camera!).
243401790_10107007837279766_8098645334077973810_n (1).jpg
(Sony Alpha 1 + 14mm 1.8: 8" SS, 640 ISO, F1.8, 12 second exposure total)

It's very simple to do!

1) Use a wide-angle lens that's fast (at least 2.8 to 1.4 will work the best) 

2) Determine what shutter speed you'll need to obtain a well-exposed sky. (Usually, between 8-10 seconds is the sweet spot so you don't have star trails).

3) Once you've figured out your shutter speed, add 3 seconds to it. 

4) Next, tilt your camera at a 90-degree angle upward viewpoint so the lens is looking straight up at the sky. 

5) Lock your main tripod head but leave the X-Axis unlocked (this will be important) 

6) Use a 2-second self-timer to initiate the start of a photo on your camera.

7) Count in your head the original shutter speed that you determined to be the exposure for the scene. Once you've reached that, gently begin to rotate your camera (direction doesn't matter, it's up to you) on the X-Axis and continue to spin it until the shutter releases. 

😎Congratulations, you've just created your first Abstract Astro photograph!

There are many other ways you can utilize this technique as well and I'd love to see what you create on your own! Happy shooting!

2-second twist2-second twist

(Sony Alpha 1 + 14mm 1.8: 8" SS, 640 ISO, F1.8, 10-second exposure total)

#SonyA1 #Astrophotography #14mm 


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Thanks for this post - have to try it.

Once you try it, make sure you re-share it here! Can't wait to see what you make 🙂 

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Very cool, looks fun!

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This is so amazing, Drew! I definitely have to try this!