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ZV-E10 vs a7 IV


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I have been waiting for the premiere of the competitive Canon R50 for a long time. But it's not a model for me and after its premiere I'm a bit disappointed. Over a year ago, I sold my entire Canon kit with all lenses. Before Canon I had a Sony a33. Now I still have the RX10 mark II, but I need something else (RX10 will be my B'cam). The choice fell on the ZV-E10 but I miss the viewfinder. However, I came to a rather specific conclusion that it's probably better not to limit myself and buy the a7 IV, which, apart from its price, would only be too big for me (I'm omitting the obvious size of the entire FF set over APS-C). I will put the E10 in my pocket, for the A7 I need a large bag or backpack. APS-C will be much easier to use. As for the a7 IV - I'm going to film and record in APS-C mode anyway. I care about larger focal lengths, so the APS-C mode in the A7 is what I need here. In principle, I would need something more advanced than the ZV-E10 and the a6xxx models are out. They are old and not for me. Also, I really like the tilt screen like the E10. The choice is supposedly clear, and the price difference is better spent on lenses up to E10. But maybe you can convince me to another model?

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I agree with Both @LensBrew and @tonygale, I had the #Alpha 7 III (a7III) since it came out in 2018, it's a great camera, the #Alpha 7C (a7C) is the newer smaller alternative with flip screen, if I'm just starting and don't to wast all my saving on camera and get some lenses, that would be my choice

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So I went to the Sony store. I've looked at all the models. And I like this E10 even more (there is a handrail) and I still miss it, as I wrote above 60 fps in 4k and the viewfinder. But a few days ago my friend showed me his new Sony a7 III purchase. Well, what can I say, I'm a bit disappointed. This model is gorgeous!

Sony a7c - definitely out. A bit against my needs and requirements, but once FF is just a regular classic A7.

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