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I don't shoot weddings but...


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I kind of think of myself as a bird, nature, landscape photography enthusiast.  I try to get out and take those types of photos that are unique to NW Florida and the bird life here.  With that said, I have been asked to take photos at a wedding for a family member and will probably over think it.  I am packing the Sony A7RIV and Sony A7IV, my 70-200 f4, a 24-70 f4 and a 50mm lens.  The last wedding I shot as a favor was in the 80s and it went badly.  


Wedding photographers, what types of lighting are you using to capture the "moments" that people will talk about without being intrusive in the moment people are there for?  It is all foreign to me because I have chosen to keep my distance from those venues.  Birds don't complain about how they look in photos and natural light is either there or not.  Maybe I will just have a beer at the reception instead.  As a side not, this is a one time venture for family, I am not attempting to enter the pool of photographers doing weddings.  I'm just foolish enough to say yes this time.

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I don't shoot wedding either, but in the past have done several and use to assist and second shoot a loto f weddings. More than anything I would try and be clear what the expectations are, I think that is the best way to set yourself up for success. If you don't already have one, I would also buy or rent a speedlite, I like the Sony HVL-F60RMII and HVL-F46RMII. If you are inside or it's an evening event having a flash will likely be very helpful.

Beyond that, lighting can be tricky for a wedding. If you want to be unobtrusive then you may be stuck with the light that is there, you can control your position relative to the light (hopefully). Maybe just moving a bit, or to the other side will give you better light.

In general with weddings and events I think capturing the moment is more important than the light, obviously better light is great, but more important is getting the moment even in mediocre light.


Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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I totally agree with Tony - although weddings aren't my primary focus, I shoot about 3-4 a year and 2nd shoot frequently. I approach them with a "photojournalist" mindset - meaning I try to capture the moment that's happening rather than create moments. I will of course do posed family and friend photos but for the most part I like the document the day as it happens. But, like Tony said - that is important to state to the couple beforehand, so they know what to expect. 

So, along with that, I lean towards using available light as much as possible. I can typically do this until evening/dancing. Then I add a speedlight. I think the gear you've packed should be good. 

Good luck, can't wait to see the images! 

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