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To vlog or not to vlog isn't the question. Instead, it's what to vlog to keep your engagement high. I'm a beginner in the vlogging realm and I want to create content that's going to be relatable and really connects with my audience. I'm the in-arena host for an NBA team and college team, on-field MiLB host, and a tv host/producer. I'm literally always on the go and want to capture the ins and outs of my daily life and behind the scenes content. With that being said, do you vloggers have any advice when it comes to keeping your content fresh for viewers? Also, I'm thinking about investing in the Sony ZV E10 or hoping to win it during the giveaway! If you already own one, how has your experience been?

Thanks in advance, peeps!😊

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I agree, definitely content strategy and planning is probably one of the toughest things to do in order to increase subscribers and keep them engaged.

I think one of the most successful influencers best at content creation is Mr. Beast on Youtube. He has really creative content mixing fun games and philanthropy together.

Perhaps you can do a philanthropy theme combined with sports players?

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I personally think that people who lead extraordinary lifestyles are the perfect people to vlog. When you live a lifestyle that most only get to dream of,  just sharing your daily experiences, is enthralling to people, even if it's boring to you. Think about how many times you have watched a video of someone just living their life. 

I would be doing a lot of day in the life style videos (just my opinion), and that would be your "fresh experience". As you probably know, there are a lot of clearances involved, and a lot of prohibited filming in certain places and times with sports teams/players. So just be mindful of that. I think you should just commit to sharing your lifestyle with people and see where it takes you! You could also interview them or something similar to spice things up. 

As far as the ZV-E10, it's a great content creation camera, but handheld vlogging is not its strong suits. (the crop and rolling shutter make handheld shooting pretty unusable). Now on a mini tripod? its a fantastic little camera with amazing image quality and loads of features. 

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