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Hi Pola! Congratulations on getting that nice lens and nice shot. 

I've only taken a few milky way shots myself, but some things I found helpful was:

From a photography standpoint:

  • Find the darkest place possible. I find that building and city lights can add light pollution.
  • Keep your aperture wide open
  • Test out different shutter times. With a wide aperture like f1.8 you will not need long shutter times.
    • There is an app called Photo Pills that can help you find the best shutter exposure duration for your camera and lens.
  • Test out different ISO levels.
  • Use a tripod and hope there are no vibrations or wind around the tripod

From a post processing standpoint:

  • Lightroom or other editing software can help correct lighting and colors.
  • You can test modifying exposure and color settings. I did a quick edit of your photo attached.


Could contain: Nature, Night, Outdoors, Starry Sky, Sky, Astronomy, Nebula, Outer Space

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