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What are you excited about for 2024?


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In many ways, there is always something to be excited about as the new year approaches when you are a Sony user.  I'm most excited about the new FE300mm f/2.8Gmast lens that will be showing up at my door in a little less than two months.  Sometime in February, I'll be able to use that lens for the first time and it will be MY lens, not Sony's loaner.  I know many of you are excited about it too.  

I'm looking forward to returning to the Valley of Fire in March but this time I won't be by myself.  I'll be there with other shooters for my first workshop there!  I can't wait to see how people react to the amazing landscapes there as we face the morning sun each day and sunset.  We will have six visits into the park in three days and I know it will be epic!  I shot this image below with the A7CR and the 16-35mm f/4G PZ lens.  Amazing pair!!!

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Mountain, Valley, Sky, Landscape, Scenery, Canyon, Rock

In general though, this year I have had a chance to look back on my own Sony history.  My first camera was actually the A3000, which I bought used on Ebay back in 2013 and a seet of well used Canon FD manual focus lenses.  I shot a magazine cover and spread with that kit up in Kentucky and was amazed at the quality of the files.  it was my first ever toe-dip into Sony and it left me wondering.  The files from that camera that cost me $300 used were better than my $5000 Canon pro cameras.  Anyway, the rest is history!

What are you excited about in the coming year?  Are you doing any cool trips?  Are you participating in any workshops?  Do you have a lens or new camera that you are planning for in 24'?  Let me know!    Any happy holidays to all of you in the forums!!!!          pm-r 🙂

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