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What lens do I get!? Photography newbie

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As you know, G Master lenses are a hefty investment. I have an A7C with a 28/60mm lens, but I see pictures on here taken with the G Master 16/35mm and 100/400mm that blow my mind - as an amateur, I'm worried I'll spend too much on the wrong lens (looking at getting the 16/35). What do you think of these options/do you recommend any alternatives?

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Hey Luke, it is always easier to start out small and trade your way up to the super expensive gear. I reccomend purchasing a few primes as they are VERY sharp over purchasing a budget F4-6 lens. 

Some primes you should keep in your pocket to cover all ranges to get started are the following:

Sony 20MM F1.8

Sony 50MM F1.8

Sony 85MM F1.8 (my absolute favorite)

This will get you started with incredibly beautiful and professional looking results. As you save up money, work towards purchasing a 24-75 which almost covers the entire range of all three of those lenses. Once you have achieved your 24-75 start doing the same towards your wideangle (16-35) or telephoto (70-200) depending on where your photography is taking you. The 24-75 is the best starting point for the professional lenses, unless you already know what focal length you will need for your interests. 

When you start saving up for your pro second lens, do the same thing. Buy primes in the range of your next pro lens, once you save up enough trade in or sell the primes to cover a part of the pro lens purchase. 

That is how I amassed so much gear over the years 🙂

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It depends on your style of photography and what you will be capturing the most. I have bought lenses before that I have barely used. when I moved to Sony I kept it simple and practical. First got exactly what I need for the work I do. Now I can start thinking about 1 or 2 ad-hoc lenses that may come in handy. For me as I photograph concert and Music Festivals for example, I needed to get fast lenses. What subject of photography do you want to capture the most?

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