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What editing software do you use? is it free or paid?


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Thought i'd create a post for the search for Post production options!  What software do you currently use? What is your favorite feature? Does it cost money or is it free? I've used Capture One paid and the free Song express option and liked it but sometimes felt too complicated/ not as simple as Lightroom which ive also played with.  

I'm a bit tired of paying a monthly fee and am happy with paying a fee but maybe a onetime fee like Dark room on Ipad. 


Let's hear your thoughts!

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When I got into photography last year, I tried the Capture One Express (for Sony) and liked it. I'm more than happy with the new AI masking tool and the other new features they've introduced in the last year. Their support has been prompt and responsive.

I've compared the built-in noise reduction and found it close enough to Topaz and ON1 that there was no need to buy those.

My original plan was to use Capture One for a year and then try Lightroom. When it came time to renew my annual subscription, I read everything I could comparing the two products and decided to stay with Capture One.

As I mentioned, I took a close look at Topaz and ON1 and didn't find anything there that would tempt me to change.

I shoot mainly wildlife, landscapes, and live music.

I'm out with the camera every day (typically 400-1200 photos). I shoot raw, and I always process each day's photos on the same day.

I hope there's something there for you.



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