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Keeping your sensor clean

Prime Creator

We all know that horrible feeling when you get home after a long trip and start going through your images, only to find that each one of them has a big dust spot on it. In the field I carry a rubber blower to try to keep the sensor clean, and at times I turn on the camera's cleaning mode which does that crazy shake. That is all I do. Many years ago I bought some sensor cleaning kit at Photo Plus and totally smudged my sensor, I learned my lesson. Since that incident I will not touch the sensor - I send my cameras out to have them professionally cleaned. The great news is that the Sony a1 has solved some of the problem with its protective curtain, which I am very grateful for.

Is there someone out there brave enough to clean your own sensor, and what do you use?


Prime Creator

A rocket blower and the camera self clean mode is always my first (and second and third) choice. If I am desperate I will use sensor swabs and cleaning solution. But with Sony Pro Support I get a few free cleanings a year, and I would rather they handle it!


I always forget there is a self clean mode! My rocket blower is a must! 


Blowing and shaking aren't doing it for me. I just ordered a cleaning kit. Am I crazy to try cleaning my sensor?

Well, be very, very careful and you should be okay!!!